Chase Million$$$

I Don't Chase Dreams

 I chase millions             


  CHASE MILLION$  Is known  to be the physical manifestation of ambition.  He is the action of every hustler making it happen every day.

  Chase Started his rap career in the Mean streets of  college Park after getting hit  by a 18 wheeler truck Unable to work a stable  job  he resorted to  Selling his music in the streets and  started throwing  stripper parties  from his  house. One night  after  making  more than he expected  from a party  he  had a dream  that million$ of people  where putting Chase MIllion$ earrings in their ears. Feeling that the dream meant that he was destined for greatness he stepped up his hustle game and took on the name Chase Million$.


  SInce that discovery Chase has won several open mics contest. he had a chance encounter with Russel Simmons who put him on his global grind website for artist of the month. Built his momentem in the streets by selling his mixtape he landed two songs on HOT 107.9 and 89.3  led by his intuition and & God. He has marketed his way to attain over 150 thousands views on youtube and was featured on news article for one of his songs. Now he is on a quest to build his music into a Brand and forever Chase Million$$$.

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1234 Huste Lane
Atlanta, GA 30310

call or text him @ 678-600-5409

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